Back To The Future – Theatrical Production at Winter Garden Theatre

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production Tickets

Winter Garden Theatre | New York, New York

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production

This spring you’re going where you won’t need roads as you see the ultimate Broadway production to come to town this March. Because on Friday 8th March 2024 you could join many others in seeing Back To The Future - Theatrical Production live at Winter Garden Theatre in New York, New York. This breathtaking and thrilling production brings the magic of the original 1980s film to the big stage for a timeless and unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss. Audiences and critics already predict that Back To The Future - Theatrical Production will feel like returning to see the original film on release, but with the addition of rockstar music! Imagine seeing the ultimate names on Broadway take on the roles you love to bring new life to this nearly 4 decade old legacy. You’ll thrill as Casey Likes and Roger Bart take on the roles of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. You’ll be enchanted by original music written by six time Grammy Award winner Glen Ballard. And you won’t believe the visionary work done by awards-recognized designer Tim Hatley. These elements and more will juice up your Flux Capacitors and take you back to one of the most breathtaking and enduring films in movie history. So don’t delay because tickets may be available today, but they won’t last long!

The opening cinematic trilogy of ‘Back To The Future’ by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale took the world by storm in 1985 and became unforgettable film of cinema, who can forget when McFly donned a pair of cowby boots to become Clint Eastwood, that single insult, chicken? Or, the iconic shout of, ‘great scot!’ Or, simply, The Delorean? No one! Alan Silvestri, who worked on the movies of ‘Back To The Future’, as well as other cinematic hits, such as Ready Player One, lent his skills for Back To The Future - Theatrical Production’s original music and songs, alongside Glen Ballard, the song-writer and record producer, who is renowned for music, such as Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill.

The unique songs of Back To The Future musical adapation, such as Pretty Baby and Wherever We’re Going, give a fresh edge to the epic cinematic tale that changed the future of films but also cleverly gives homage to the original tale of Marty and Doc that has audiences falling in love with them all over again. Take your chance to view it in the flesh for yourself and ensure you buy your places before your chance is gone! Mixed with the original music is an amazing musical theatre production that has all the masters of the theatre world to make you believe you are back in the future, running into the Delorean, as Marty avoids kissing his mother and Doc survives a powerful lightning bolt. The skillfull use of lighting, sound effects and costumes all combined together are a sci-fi visual treat that will make Back To The Future - Theatrical Production the theatre of your life!

So, without anymore postponing, get your tickets now! It will be an amazing evening at the Winter Garden Theatre on Friday 8th March 2024 with the Laurence Olivier Award winner musical, Back To The Future - Theatrical Production.

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production at Winter Garden Theatre

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