The Music Man at Winter Garden Theatre

The Music Man Tickets

Winter Garden Theatre | New York, New York

Have you ever want to watch musical, The Music Man? Of course you do and understandably so, It is scheduled as one of the most pronounced of the genre after all. Maybe it's your second, third or fourth go, in any case be captivated at the top-notch astounding visuals, the magnificent presentation of the cast and the feet tapping melodious music. It’s coming to Winter Garden Theatre on Thursday 12th January 2023 and people are getting hold of of their tickets which are quickly becoming short. Buy yours now!

The Music Man at Winter Garden Theatre

Set in the mid-twentieth century, traveling music dealer Harold Hill arrives in a to a town called River City, but things are not as they seem. “Professor” Harold Hill is actually a Fraudster who devises a dastardly plan to persuade the inhabitants to start a boys band and must buy the instruments and uniforms from him.

His scheme includes his “Think System” a way of just thinking about music and learning how to play it automatically. As his plan unwinds smoothly a hindrance appears in the form of Librarian and Piano teacher Marian Paroo who sees right through him.

As she gets ready to spill the beans on him she has a change of heart propelled by Harold’s warmth towards her younger brother.

What is Harold’s fate? What will Marian do? Well, there is only one way to know. Grab right here before it is too late and enjoy what is one of the most amazing stories to be told on stage. This one is going to be an amazing time for one and all.

The Music Man at Winter Garden Theatre

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